Using 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Keratosis - My Day-To-Day Results


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The contents of this web page reflect the personal experience
of its author. Never undertake any form of self-treatment
without your personal physician's knowledge and approval, and I
strongly recommend that you do some extensive online research
concerning the application and/or ingestion of Hydrogen Peroxide
(H2O2).  In the next few days I plan to make this task easier
for you by providing links to other websites and articles, written
by doctors and people who are far more knowledgeable and qualified
than I am, about the pros and cons of using hydrogen

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I ordered two quart size bottles (half gallon)
of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) from the Guardian Of
[not Garden] website - For the results shown below, I used the
H2O2 full strength. When my order arrived a few days
later, each one quart bottle was wrapped in several layers
of transparent plastic wrapping material. After removing the
first layer, I had to repeat the process to remove the second layer,
followed by the removal of the third layer, which only covered the
cap/lid and the top part of the bottle. While the bottles were
clearly identified as being H2O2, I saw nothing that said it was
35% H2O2, which seemed a little unusual to me. But, I
had read good things about this company when researching the
benefits of using 35% H2O2, and I put my trust in them, that it was
what I had ordered - 35%

A pint contains approximately 7,296 drops, and you'll probably use 1 drop per "critter". Keep this in mind when
ordering H2O2. Had I checked this out beforehand I never would have
ordered so much.

There are many warnings
and precautions
available on the internet (including Guardian Of
concerning your safety when handling 35%
Hydrogen Peroxide. After opening one bottle and pouring a small
amount of the 35% H2O2 into a small jar, I placed the bottles
in the refrigerator. After having done that, I looked at my
hands, and the palm side of my fingers were white, from handling the
bottles. I didn't wear any protective clothing, gloves or a
face shield - as is strongly recommended - I just wore standard
reading glasses and used my bare hands. I did, however, wash my
hands well with cold water and soap. As I had read elsewhere, the
whitish look disappeared in about 30 minutes. This is the third
day since doing that, and my hands look and feel fine. I strongly
suggest, however, that you read and adhere to the many warnings
you'll find on the internet about the proper handling of 35% H2O2.
What I did was very stupid, and 'll be the first to admit

What you are about to see can best be described as being
"very gross" or "ugly" (and they are not pictures of the
famed "headless horseman") - they're of me

Photos of My
Neck and Chest

(Day 1 -
Before Starting Treatment - 04/26/2010)

picture above, was taken on
before I
applied the first application of
35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. I applied the
H2O2 on a few test spots first, to see what kind of pain I
could expect to feel. The pain I felt (burning sensation) was
tolerable, so I covered almost all of the spots I could see on my
neck and

    (Day 2 - 04/27/2010)

After Application #1

I made a conscious effort to touch the keratosis spots
with a cotton Q-Tip, it looks more like I
them. As the day progressed, the burning feeling I
felt, subsided, and became a fairly intense "itch", which
I felt all over the inflamed area. When I felt an urge
to "scratch", I did so, and it relieved the itch. I wore
a tee shirt so I wasn't scratching my bare

DAY 3 -

delayed the second treatment - I had an appointment
with my doctor for my annual checkup, and I didn't want to look like
I was glowing in the dark. I did take a photo, though, so I could
observe changes from day to day.

The photo above shows the results
two days after the first

DAY 4 - 04/29/2010 (Before
second application)

After viewing the results on the morning of
04/29/2010, I decided to move on to application #2, over the same area. I
didn't feel any burning, except for a few spots I missed the
day before, and, some slight itching here and

DAY 5 -
04/30/2010 (After second application)

Incorrectly assuming that the worst was
over, I applied treatment
. By the time I covered the last few
"critters", I started feeling like I was on fire. The
extreme "burning" sensation I felt was almost intolerable.
I thought about washing it off, but decided to bear with the pain
for awhile to see if it would diminish, and, fortunately for me, it
did! The pain lasted about 20 minutes, but felt more like an
hour. (I recall having read somewhere that the H2O2 is
combined/used with other creams, like Aloe Vera, and now I know

I have also read that it
can take 7 to 10 days before I see any of these
ugly critters dropping off. Whether that happens or not remains
to be seen. While I'm waitng to see what happens, I'm uncertain
as to how often I should reapply the hydrogen
peroxide over the same







It's been 5 days and 2 applications
so far, and I can't say I'm pleased with my progress. Nothing I see
looks like it's ready to drop off. If anything, they look worse than
when I started, but the area is still very inflammed, and it's like
having a chemical burn (which I had many years ago). Some still
itch. I attacked these "critters" in a very aggressive manner
by covering all of them at one time, rather than applying it
to only a few at a time. I still have 4 days left of the
projected 7 - 10 day period it normally takes for them to "die"
or fall off.

DAY 6 -

I was still
pretty red this morning, and I'm still scratching a bit. I'm going
to hold off giving myself a third application for a
few days, to see what happens.


DAY 7 - (05/03/2010)

For some reason, unknown to me, the
results on 05/03/2010 look worse than the previous day. Until I see
some of the "ugly critters" dropping off, I can't say with any
degree of honesty or accuracy, that the Hydrogen Peroxide is
working. When my doctor applied liquid nitrogen to some that
were rubbing against my shirt collar, they dropped off in about
a week.

All I can see in the Day
8 photo are a lot of irritated "critters" who seem to be thriving on
the hydrogen peroxide. It seems to have awakened an
entire colony of "critters" that I hadn't seen
before. Perhaps they are "baby critters" that haven't been
completely hatched yet. LOL I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and
give the entire area a good "painting" of hydrogen peroxide.
I'll be covering the entire area, and I hope I can endure the pain
for as long as it takes to

photos above compare Day 1 (before applying hydrogen peroxide)
with Day 8. We're in the early evening hours now, and I just
finished covering the "onery little critters" for the third
. I included a few minor spots I have on the side of my face
and forehead, and so far, the burning isn't that bad, BUT, I thought
that before, and I was in for a very unpleasant surprise. I'm
starting to itch again over the entire area around my neck, and
a few spots on my chest. I'm trying to resist the urge to scratch
them, so I kind of dab (pound) at them with my fingertips, over my
tee shirt, and that helps relieve the itching alot. Remember, an
itch is a mild form of pain - so I was told. It's been 15 minutes
since I applied the H2O2, and I'm going to be a little "positive"
now, by saying that maybe the reason I'm feeling
almost no pain now, is because the previous applications may
have destroyed those "critters" that had been covered
before. I hope that's not just "wishful" thinking.

Day 9

This morning, while taking my shower, I saw two of
the "critters" on the floor and there may have been more that
had already gone down the drain. It's the first "promising"
sign I've had since starting these hydrogen peroxide
treatments. The pain I felt after applying the hydrogen peroxide was
mild, and easily tolerable, but the entire area was itching like
crazy throughout the evening and this morning. While wearing a tee
shirt, I scratched whenever there was an itch.  Although it
was an annoyance, it was a whole lot better than the pain I

 Day 10 (05/06/2010)

night, I gave the same area a fourth application, and once
again I felt the burning pain for 25 minutes before it subsided ( I
timed it). In the photo above, I still see lots of red, raw-looking
skin, and there appears to be some very small clusters, which
could be new spots of keratosis trying to form, or
they might be  good areas of skin that has been irritated
by the hydrogen

Day 11

I decided not to wait another day, and I gave myself a
fifth application on the evening of 05/07/2010. The almost
unbearable "burning" pain that followed felt more intense than
any of the previous applications. It had me saying, "wow - wow -
wow!" It, too, lasted about 25 minutes, before the pain subsided and
the intense itching began. It's the morning after now, and I'm still
scratching every so often. It's been 12 days since I started
the first application, and it's discouraging to endure that
type of pain and not see any visible results. I'm not ready to give
up yet. When I become discouraged, I remind myself that it took over
10 years for these "critters" to grow so abundantly. And,
having paid $48 for the 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, I have not
yet begun to justify its cost.


Using 35% food
grade hydrogen peroxide is a relatively new form of treatment being
used to destroy keratosis. After having read several articles about
using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, externally, to
destroy keratosis, I decided to try it on myself. I decided to
share my experience with others who have read or heard that
hydrogen peroxide is a "natural" form of treatment, and they would
like to "see" on a day-to-day basis, how effective, or
non-effective, applications of hydrogen peroxide can be.

If you are a member
of a forum or blog, related to keratosis, YOU can help
me share my experience with others. You can do that by copying
the paragraph below, and pasting it as a new post at those
web sites. My objective is to make this web page, and the
information it contains, available to as many people as I can, but I
can't do it alone - I need YOUR

the paragraph you need to copy and

Hi, my name's Bob, and I live in southern California.
I've had a "keratosis" problem for many years, and they seem to be
multiplying. My strong desire to rid myself of these extremely
gross-looking "critters" prompted me to do some extensive online
research to find "natural" ways of removing them, instead of having
them surgically scraped off, or freezing them with liquid nitrogen (
I've had that done several times), etc. After reading many articles
that suggest leaving them alone - because they usually aren't
cancerous, I decided to try using 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
(H2O2) to rid myself of the beasts. Treatment with H2O2 is highly
controversial, and it may not be for you, and to add insult to
injury, most health insurance companies won't pay for their removal
- if your only reason for wanting them removed is for cosmetic
reasons. Since many other people are looking for a cure, I decided
to share my experiences to create a web page that includes life-size
photos of me, taken after each day of treatment, and the results I
have experienced so far. If this site's  moderators will allow the
inclusion of my website address, you can view my results at:

P.S. ... I
might want to join the blog(s) or forum(s) you have posted the above
paragraph to, so please provide me with the website's

Send the information to


Photos of My Back

I Haven't Started On My Back Yet - I Think
It's Going To Be A Real

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